Multi-Currency Processing

It enables customers to make the online payment in various currency like USD, Euro etc Point of Sale: Accept payments in your store or over the phone. Our desktop point of sale solution is specifically designed for retail merchants, PCI compliant, and retail- certified to work with various global platforms in efficient manner.

Accept Credit Cards

Payments using credit cards and debit cards are very common these days. Online payment gateway is known for making the transactions made by credit card more easy and efficient because of its unlimited features. This facilitates Submission of multiple transactions in a single file and also verification of accounts safely.

ACH Payments

Banks are allowed for sending money back and forth electronically by automated clearing house system (ACH). This system helps the merchants to accept ACH payment through online payment gateway. Different kinds of transactions like bill payment, business to business transaction and e-commerce processing can be accepted with this system.

Secure Processing

On line payment gateways that are in compliance with PCIDSS standards are reliable. They keep the data of customers secure and protect also provide protection to merchants from heavy fees. Moreover, they help in preventing dangerous results of getting data compromised.

We do offer Merchant Account for high-risk and low-risk businesses across the globe with fast approvals. As a universal leader in providing Merchant solution in high-risk industries with fast, useful and affordable merchant account services we have experts who can help to provide a Merchant account as per the suitability of your business.

Accepting credit card payments has become an important factor for every business looking to succeed for long-term and to with same balance. Unluckily, depending on the type & risk of business and the services you provide, you may be categorized as a high-risk Merchant and find it difficult to get set up with payment processing. If you’ve fought with finding a good credit card processor for your business, look no more – We are here to assist you.

How does a Payment Gateway works?

There are four simple steps in the payment gateway process:

  1. Collection
    customer selects the product they need to purchase then enter their credit card or check details into payment page. This information is directed to your payment gateway.
  2. Authentication
    payment gateway then take this information, and send it via a protected link to customer bank account.
  3. Authorization
    At this point Merchant come to know about the status of the payment, if it gets approved Merchant deliver the ordered product.
  4. Settlement
    At last, once the transaction is verified by the bank, the payout gets the release. It can be as little as real-time or as long as 21 working days.

solutions for your business

Bizhelp’s Welcomes – All Merchants like Bad credit and high risk merchants. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, you can accept credit cards online for your website. We have been in the business from last 5 years and we have approved the various verticals across the High Risk Business. We have received many It Support Companies application from India and most of them were approved with our International acquiring solution. You could be up and running to accept credit card, eCheck payments on your website within a week, if you start your application processing with us today!

We Have A Good Skills provides your business with a complete solution for billing, accounting, payroll and payments using our state-of-the-art software for credit card processing. Whether you run a retail store or internet business, you can take advantage of our low rates and quality customer service. Save time, simplify your business with accounting, payroll and payments working together. All with

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More Benefits

Enjoy an improved payments experience and greatly reduced transaction fees.

  • No Activation Fee
  • Reliable Account 
  • Free Amount Withdrawal
  • Dedicated Descriptor
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